The Lynx School is registered as a secondary school. And will register with Cambridge for its O-level and National Boards for Matric System.

Arts council We are the member of Punjab Arts Council and participate in different contests like debates, tableau, singing and quiz and our students always stand out and win medals and shields.

National IQ and Art contest
The Lynx School won different prizes for the outstanding participation in national IQ and Art contest.

International Kangaroo contests
The Lynx School always registers The Lynxians for International kangaroo language, science, IT or Maths contests.  We got fame by winning many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals beside other prizes, at all levels.

Oxford University Press
The Lynxians are the well-known participants of all activities held by OUP. Ours is the only school which presented first ever story telling session though Puppetry and Role play for the open audience at their outlet. We also won different positions, prizes and certificates in their competitions.

Social Work
The Lynx School initiates for the social work for the betterment of our society and the under privileged children to develop sense of responsibility, sharing and caring among our proud Lynxians. Activities like Stationery Drive, Grow more trees, Bake sale, Sell to collect are the examples of it.

Traffic police
We also work in collaboration of traffic police ITP to develop traffic sense among citizens.

National Book Foundation

Participation in NBF day is a significant feature of the Lynxians

Chinese Delegates
Our children are well known participants of all activities carried out by Confucius Institute and Chinese embassy.

 Every year Lynxians participate in International School Maths Olympiad organized by Pak Turk Schools.