The Lynx School has established a comprehensive in-house training programme under the supervision of `Lynx Development Unit` (LDU) in collaboration with different training institutes like Oxford University Press, Paramount and different NGO`s.

We also conduct short courses for our staff members to develop them as thorough professionals. Subject based and on job trainings are regular feature of Professional Development. We also provide them short training sessions on IT skills which help them to upgrade their professional standards besides supporting their strategic teaching plans.

Pedagogically, we are training our teachers not only to teach State curricula and develop skills, but to prioritize values and qualities. These are `millennial skills and values`,  and our School organization is better positioned to convey them than any other model we can find.


We provide internship facility to qualified and trained candidates for a minimum period of unpaid 3 months. Experience certificate will be issued on completion of 3 months.