Students Council:

Elections were held in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for Students Council for the post of

  • Head Boy

  • Head Girl

  • Deputy Head Boy

  • Deputy Head Girl

  • House captains

  • Prefects (class wise)


Among the candidates selected after passing different tests and interviews conducted by Jury.

             STUDENT COUNCIL SESSION 2017-18 




Head Boy

Abdullah Asif

Hassan Raza

Head Girl

Hiba Khan

Eman Waqas

Deputy Head Boy

Ibrahim Jawad

Saad Rizwan

Deputy Head Girl


Anooshey Jahanzeb


Oath taking Ceremony brought a new revolution in their life which is helping them experience leadership with loads of responsibilities.

Scouts Camp

85 students of The Lynx School got registered with International Scouts Federation. In three days training programme they were awarded with certificates, National and provisional badges.

Seerat Week:

Seerat Week has been celebrated with full zeal and zest. Children were told amazing stories from The life of Prophet (P.B.U.H).

His favourite food day was celebrated to give children awareness and practice Sunnah. They really learnt through special Namaz Day , where Imamat , Iqamat and Ba amat Namaz was taught. Students  enjoyed Miswaak activity to experience Sunnah. Calligraphy on names of prophet(P.B.U.H) was also a part of celebrations. Students learnt and recited Naats followed by Quiz Competition about his life.

Self-safety Awareness Session:

Self-Safety sessions were conducted level wise via videos. Students were elaborated about the security threats they have , how to act and react in some dangerous situations.

Role Play Gala

Students of Elementary branch are presenting their Role plays on serious social issues on topics like

  • Child Labour

  • Social Media --- A Boon or Bane

  • Greed is Curse

  • Peace for all etc.