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** Upcoming Events...... Elections for Student council*****Seerat Week*****Role play Gala*****Self Safety Awareness Programme*****Monthly Tests (Grade-1 Onwards)*****Sports Extravaganza*****Fun Gala (March 2018)


First Step to Success

To provide a safe and secure learning environment where all children are valued as unique individuals, can achieve their full potential. A happy place where individual needs are acknowledged, accepted and fulfilled. We encourage each child to be independent, confident and self-disciplined. Children are provided with stimulating range of activities to develop Can Do attitude which will stay with a child for life.




* Foreign qualified & Experienced
* Progressive Curriculum
* Children Development with "Can DO"
* Well Educated Trained Staff
* Conducive Learning Environment
* Skill Development
* Overall Personality Grooming
* Affiliation with International Organisations
* Registration with Scouts Federation

* Exposure of Foreign Languages



"We Teach

the way
They Learn"




First Step to Success

Our mission is to foster a learning organization in partnership with parents, global institutions and organizations to provide innovative educational and training programs towards the development of dynamic individuals with strong moral values and a passion for lifelong learning. Our mission is to help all children cultivate their "I am" which, in turn, fosters their "I can," and helps them to succeed. Children need an encouraging environment filled with positive interactions.


International Kangaroo Linguistic and Science Contest

We won 42 Gold Medals, 8 Bronze Medals,  4 Power Banks, 2 One Star Badge, 3 Two Star Badges and 4 three Star Badges.

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Oxford University Press
We won First Prize in Urdu Essay Writing competition.....

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