The Lynx Daycare

Where Children Shine

The Lynx Daycare offers the best quality childcare. We have more than twenty years of expertise for providing quality care and education. We pride ourselves on offering services to enable parents to work and carry out their daily routines while knowing their children are cherished and cared to the highest standard.

We Provide childcare for under 3's in a `Home away from Home` environment



  •   Creative and interesting activities

  •   Age appropriate furniture

  •   Fresh meal

  •  Extensive care

  •  Clean, safe and secure area

  • Spacious and well equipped play area

  • Trained and experienced staff including teachers

  • Audio/ Visual Area

  • Bed time stories

  • Well-equipped security system

Age groups:


Children are given safe, warm and secure place to explore themselves surrounded by caring and experienced staff catering individual needs and routines of children.


The environment is designed with well-defined activity and play areas to encourage these exploratory experiences to develop their love towards learning and creativity.